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Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control), and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.


Software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages and various software packages are available. These software packages provide users with the opportunity to add as many phone numbers as required and these phone numbers can be managed in a variety of ways. Most SMS software applications allow the upload of lists of mobile phone numbers using a text file or CSV file. Some sophisticated systems can automatically remove any duplicated numbers and the mobile numbers may be validated prior to sending the messages. With enhanced software features, messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and or days and bulk messages can be sent on national and international mobile networks as long as the bulk messaging software provider sends internationally.

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The most innovative, easy to use, and comprehensive bulk SMS service platform at design tech city.

If you wish to advertise your product for minimum charges and yet achieve maximum reach, then a Bulk SMS Service Provider should be just the right choice for you to proceed with. SMS is one of the most popular means of communication for this generation and thus, holds immense potential as a marketing tool. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today.

Easily send powerful bulk SMS campaigns

Effortlessly personalize your bulk SMS with names or custom fields, compose in 20+ languages, schedule/stagger your sends, add the opt-out path, and more. Get best-in-class SMS delivery.

5-minute SMS API integration

Automate sending and receiving SMS from any website, CRM, or application. Access SMS APIs with sample codes in 10+ languages including PHP, Java, .NET & more.

Convey more with SMS attachments

Easily insert images, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets & more as short links in your bulk SMS campaigns and grab your customers’ attention. Convey more in 160 characters.

Receive SMS online

Let your customers instantly reach you by just texting into your short/long codes and keywords. Set auto-replies or take the conversation forward on other channels.

Access real-time delivery and click reports

Measure campaign outreach and effectiveness with real-time SMS delivery reports, and granular click metrics for all weblinks and attachments sent as Textlocal short links.

Get enterprise ready

Scale-up seamlessly with our robust SMS gateway and features like tiered account structure for teams/franchises, user roles, and privileges, audit trail, bespoke services & more

Connect with your customers via WhatsApp API

Provide your customers with important account/service updates, notifications, & more by automating Whatsapp messages. You can even receive customer enquiries on Whatsapp and continue the conversation.

Increase engagement with mobile solutions

Create discount vouchers and tickets, web surveys and forms right from our web portal. Include them as short URLs in your SMS campaigns on-the-fly and get higher response rates.

Missed call numbers & dual VMNs

Manage leads, receive support/sales enquiries & more via a simple missed call and set up SMS auto-replies. Receive SMS & missed calls on the same number with our dual VMNs.

Benefits of Bulk SMS in Marketing

  • Bulk SMS Services as a marketing tool offers several distinct advantages over other media like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the internet.
  • SMS reaches users instantly without being too intrusive like a phone call.
  • It can be delivered to people irrespective of location and time. Even if the phone is switched off, the SMS is received the moment the phone is switched on.
  • You can be sure that the message through SMS will reach the user, irrespective of whether they choose to read it or not. With e-mail, your promotion may end up in the spam folder.
  • People carry mobile phones everywhere they go, means, faster & quicker visibility over Tv or other advertising medium.
  • Bulk SMS keeps you in touch with your regular customers in a more personalized way.
  • It is easier for people to act upon received SMS immediately. For instance, users can reply or call to the given contact number specified in the original message.
  • You can collect feedback instantly using missed call services if they are interested, thereby you have a more accurate idea of the success of your marketing strategy.
  • With Bulk SMS, you don’t have to laboriously send messages to every recipient. You can send messages to millions of people at once.
  • You do not require any special infrastructure or expensive technology to implement send SMS. Its pay as you go.
  • Bulk SMS services are much cheaper than advertising in TV or Radio for the same or even more amount of reach.

Different ways you can send SMS with Textlocal

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    Web UI

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    SMS APIs

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    Email to SMS

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    Excel Plugin

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    WordPress Plugin

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    Magento Plugin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS is also known as Bulk Messaging allows a large number of messages to be delivered through mobile networks. This is primarily used by businesses looking to communicate to existing or prospective customers.

SMS Services attract companies because of its 98% open rate. Also SMS is very effective medium as you can reach your target audience in matter of seconds.

You shall send up to 2 Lakh SMS at once in a single click. If you need to send more, our support team can do that for you.

Yes, you can choose your own 6 digit sender ID of your choice that reflects your product or brand name.

It depends on how many SMS you send. Ideally 1 SMS take about 7 seconds to deliver. If you send in bulk, say 10,000 SMS it might take under 5 minutes for all of them to be delivered.